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CrossFit Instinct is located at 1931 West Monroe in Springfield, Il. At CFI we offer group CrossFit classes, a Longevity program for those who are 55+, personal training, yoga, sport specific training, and more. We also offer an ON-Ramp program for beginners to get started. The staff at CFI is top notch and we are confident we can help you with whatever your situation may be. Get started or try our free class at 8am on Saturdays.

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Wednesday, January 18, 2017

  • In teams of 2-3, row max meters in 30 minutes. A team of 3 is a way to scale the volume of the workout.
  • One partner works while the other/others rest.
  • Each team member must row a minimum of 250 meters, maximum of 1,000 meters each time they are on the rower.
  • It will be up to your team to decide what the best strategy is to maximize power output.
  • Teams will be picked at random by the coaches. Free Kill Cliff to winning teams of two in each class (just for fun, and to make you work a little harder)!