Doctors Get Fit

In order to experience becoming physically functional and no longer obese within 90 days, 40+, 50+, 60+ year old physicians who are willing to be mentored through a fitness and nutrition improvement blueprint become pontiffs instrumental in a broader community health vision. With their new appearance (fit/lean replacing overweight/obese), these doctors are a mesmeric influence on their colleagues and patients.

Experience is the best teacher: The personal experience of being mentored by a professional (see accompanying Bio) and guided as a subject fills the void with information missing from the doctor’s formal education in fitness and nutrition.

Doctors are worth it intrinsically, but also of great value to the community of good examples and themselves in good health. If in poor health, doctors are poor examples and add to resistance to improvement in the community: Doctors present unique challenges as subjects to mentor because of their command of the knowledge of the human physical state. But they are by far the most influential individuals on the social ladder that can effectively address the issues of obesity, given effective knowledge and tools.

Time is of the essence for the physician: If the transformation is going to get done, it has to happen in 90 days. 45 minutes a day. Individuals at the extreme end of the spectrum will realize the same rate of improvement but may require more days.

A fundamental understanding after completing 90 days: Work capacity is a reasonable surrogate measurement for overall health.

Daily commentary during the 90 days: Feedback from the instructor to the physician keeps the Physician’s thinking in perspective. Feedback from the physician to the instructor makes the program safe.

Change is more than physical. Overcoming resistance, taking action and getting results positively affect the doctor’s mental and spiritual outlook: Abandoning one’s comfort zone takes significant personal rigging. In the end, what once appeared as complex appears as manageable risk. A metamorphosis takes place. The physician views him/herself through new eyes.

An achievable Goal. The intellectual acumen, cost, schedule is within the purview and means of the subject: The physician will grasp the physics employed in the process. 80 hours of customized workout sessions with daily feedback and evaluation of nutritional needs defines the program. The time invested pays dividends in improved credibility and productivity in the short and long run. Seasoned physicians were chosen because they have some control over their work schedule in order to attend daily.

Evidence-based: Individuals who have completed the program achieve their desired results. They are testimony to the effectiveness of the program.