What Is CrossFit

CrossFit is a strength and conditioning program based on constantly varied, functional movements performed at high intensity. At CrossFit Instinct, our definition of CrossFit is not only a training method but a way of life. We are here to increase the quality of your living as well as get you fitter.Our workouts are all scalable meaning that any fitness level can do a variation of the prescribed workout. We start with the basics in order to have sound mechanics and technique, while slowly and safely increasing the intensity as your body adjusts. The workouts are constantly varied in order to continually see progress. Over time we re-test some of our previous workouts to see our improvements.

You can expect to see basic gymnastics, olympic lifting, power lifting, metabolic conditioning, and more. CrossFit is specializing in not specializing. All in all, we want to live a long, functional life and this is the medium we use to get there.

CrossFit not only comes with great workout programming, it comes with a community and a lifestyle. People who are willing to work hard typically get along well. Like most CrossFitters, the people at CrossFit Instinct are very humble and kind. You will find support and friends surrounding you at all times.