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Foundations Class

$100/ 2 weeks or $175/ 4 weeks — This beginner class is perfect for those new to CrossFit, those who need a refresher, or those who just want to get in better shape. The focus is on perfecting movement, technique, and building a better base of fitness. This program is required to those new to CrossFit wanting to take our regular CrossFit Classes. Sessions begin every other Monday.

CrossFit Class

$150/month — We offer classic CrossFit classes 7 times per day most days of the week to work with your schedule. Classes focus on a great warm-up, skill work, a combination of strength/conditioning, and a cool-down. Top notch coaches will lead you to your fittest version of yourself.

Longevity Class

$250/month — This class is specifically designed for those 55 years of age and older. Current average age of participants is 69 years old. Warm-ups are longer and more thorough than our CrossFit classes and joint health/mobility is taken into account. Longevity is offered 6 days per week, and 3 days per week multiple coaches are on hand.

Athletes’ Class

$100/month — This class is designed for high school and college athletes who want to focus on taking their skills, strength, and fitness to the next level. Work on weightlifting, powerlifting, plyometrics, sport specific skills, and more with a highly experienced team of coaches.

Yoga Classes

Contact us for pricing—- Come to our Yoga Co-Op and learn about the mind, body, and spirit connection. A range of different yoga teachers with different styles have come together to offer you guidance on your yoga journey.

Mindfulness Class

Free for members—- Join certified Mindfulness and Mediation Life Coach, Tim Hahn, once per week to go within and do inner work. A fit body with a fit mind brings harmony to one’s life.

90 Day Transformation Program

$33.33/ day— Work one on one with Coach Mike Suhadolnik for a complete behavioral and physical transformation. He can help you lose astounding amounts of body fat, gain muscle and change your lifestyle. He has helped hundreds of diabetics get off of their medications and turn their lives around.

Complimentary Intro Class

FREE — Since we opened in 2010, we have offered a free weekly beginner class to the community of Springfield. Join us weekly every Saturday at 8am for a fun hour of fitness. All levels welcomed, from complete beginner to advanced athletes.

Joint Health and Mobility

Contact us for pricing — If you are dealing with injuries, painful joints, or limitations, you can hire one of our knowledgable coaches to show you how to help heal, avoid injury, and improve functionality.

Teens’ Class

$75/month —Work with experienced sports and fitness coaches to become a better athlete. This class is perfect for teens who participate in sports as well as those who do not. Participants will learn the basics of CrossFit and get challenged to get in the best shape of their lives.

Kids’ Room

Free for members — We offer a room specifically for kids to read, do homework, or just hangout in while their guardians get a workout in. Free to use. Easy access from the workout floor to keep an eye on the children. Summer supervised hours: M/W/F 9am-10am and M/W 5pm-6pm. All other hours are open without supervision.